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Microbake Crisping Dish

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Dimensions - External Diameter 27.5cm / 10.8" One of the reasons people are often disappointed with microwave cooking is unappetising soggy bases and crusts. This can be a problem, particularly with foods such as pizza and pastries. The Microbake Crisping Dish provides the perfect solution to this. The tray pre-heats to a very high temperature, searing and crisping food to give conventional oven results from the microwave. 

Capable of cooking everything from frozen convenience foods (such as oven chips and breaded fish) to home-made pastries, pies and tarts, The Microbake Crisping Dish is excellent for late night snacks or quick family meals. Supplied to such industry giants as Electroluk and Sanyo, the Microbake Crisping Dish is among the strongest sellers in the Waveware range.

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