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I’ll bet there are a few of these you didn’t know

Pineapple For quicker, tastier outdoor barbecuing, start your food in the microwave and finish on the grill. Cook meats 3-4 minutes per pound at 100% power in your microwave. Immediately place on the grill to finish. Regular grill time will be reduced by at least half. Remember to place food onto the grill IMMEDIATELY. Do not let food cool off as this will ensure proper internal temperatures to be reached to deplete bacteria.

To peel onions more easily, place them in a covered container and microwave for 1-2 minutes at 100% power. This will also help remove the “hot” flavor from the onions you wish to serve uncooked. For example, slices you may wish to use on hamburgers.

To make ice cream easier to scoop, soften by microwaving for 30 seconds at 100% power. For a special treat, place a scoop of ice cream on “yesterday’s pie.” Heat for 10-15 seconds. The pie will be “fresh and warm” and the ice cream will not be melted.

Pineapple Fresh vegetables may be blanched in the microwave. Prepare the vegetables as desired (whole, chopped, etc.) and place in microwave casserole. Microwave on High power (100%) for 3-4 minutes per pound, covered, stirring or rearranging halfway through the time. Plunge immediately into ice cold water to cool. Drain, pack and freeze. Microwaved vegetables are HEALTHIER! More nutrients, especially Vitamin C, are retained when microwaved than when conventionally blanched or cooked.

Soften one stick of refrigerated butter or margarine by heating for 30 seconds at 100% power. To melt butter, heat for 1 minute at 100% power. Clarify butter by melting 6-8 ounces in a 2 cup microwave-safe container on Low power (30%) for 2-3 minutes or until completely melted. Let stand for 3-4 minutes, remove the foam and slowly pour off the yellow oil or clarified butter. Remember higher wattage ovens may need shorter cooking times than these.

Pineapple Microwave citrus fruits on HIGH for 15-20 seconds to make peeling the rind easier. Prick the skin first. Did you know you can increase the juice from citrus fruits by heating for forty seconds before you squeeze em!

Soften ice cream on DEFROST for 30-60 seconds. This timing can also help when removing jellies and mousses from their moulds.

Did you know that you can dissolve jelly without adding water? Just microwave for forty-five seconds. Then you can add cold water gradually, stirring continuously thereby reducing the setting time.

Pineapple If you have a jar of honey which has crystallised. Remove the lid, place the jar in your oven and microwave on medium for two minutes.
Never boil alcohol when making a hot whisky, because it could ignite. But never fear you can still have your hot whisky, simply heat the water and sugar. Then add the whisky. In some recipes you will be asked to heat alcohol for thirty seconds. This is acceptable.
It’s better not to season with salt/pepper before cooking. You’ll find that the taste is much stronger after microwaving. Just add them after.

Pineapple You know how those smells can linger when you’ve been cooking curry, chilli, fish etc,. No problem, you can deodorise your oven in 2-3 minutes using a cup of water with a slice of lemon.
Some foods have a tendency to overcook in areas i.e., poultry wings, turkey legs or the tail of a fish. You can prevent this by shielding the area with a small piece of aluminium foil. Never use two pieces in close proximity. They will cause arcing.

Pineapple Do not heat empty plates in the microwave oven. This can cause damage to the magnetron. Use water (min 100 mls) or a heating pad to preheat the plates
To colour chops, a mixture of soy sauce and vegetable oil is a good combination. Just brush on and microwave in the normal way.
Did you know that sauces, soups, custards, etc.. come out perfectly when made in a microwave. You don’t have to keep stirring to get a smooth texture. It’s a faster, lazier and better way of doing it!

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