We make stuff for the Microwave Oven

We have been at it a wee while (1979)


Started in 1979, Waveware were one of three suppliers when the microwave oven first made it’s debut on the European market. Way back then, we started pushing the boundaries, pioneering the use of exotic plastics like Polyetherimide and Polysulphone to offer security in this blossoming field. Soon everybody was using them. Our steamer was a ground breaking design in it’s day. We were the first to develop browning dishes in Europe, the first to develop microwave Plate Warmers, the pioneer of the one piece browning dish. We are still leading the field with the introduction of our new Microwave Wellness family.

Our Location

Waveware Ltd. is an Irish owned company located in Longford, Ireland. Further information on the locality can be found from either Longford County Information or Go Ireland. Our location is also just one and a half hours from Dublin airport. Postal Orders form Ireland can take 2-3 working days to the U.K. and Europe. We can offer a 1-2 day service to customers in Ireland. Postal Orders to the U.S. and elsewhere will take up to 5 working days. The good news is that we have fulfilment in USA, Canada and UK for most products in our range.

About Me

Hi, my name is James Connolly and I am the owner/manager of Waveware Ltd. I started in this business when I was a young pup of 23 (the day before my first daughter was born). I have a degree in Plastics Engineering and 36 years experience fooling around with all things microwave. They say that 2,000 hours makes you an expert, so I guess I qualify. I have had some amazing days working at Waveware (such as the day we sold $920,000 in one day on QVC) and I love every minute working here (even if its sweeping the floor). I hope you enjoy perusing my offerings and I would be delighted to answer any of your questions

Best Regards



Making Microwave Magic

1. Concept

This is the tricky one. Where do ideas come from. I used to think ideas were for other people. I was an engineer. I had no time for poems and rubbish. Then, in the late 80’s things got a little squiffy. Mrs Salmonella started pointing the blame finger at microwave cooking and my business disappeared. Thats when I got creative. Suddenly, I was kicking off with lots of ideas. I am a firm believer that necessity is the mother of invention.

2. Design and Research

This is the fun bit. It involves laying out the requirements and putting it all together. First you have the design concept. Then you put together a rough costing and see it this matches price points. Then you research and design the manufacturing process. Then on to development

3. Development

This is where the big bucks are spent. A simple single impression injection moulding tool will cost in excess of $15,000. Packaging design and origination can cost another $10,000. After testing, Health and Risk Assessment and pre-launch production, there won’t be much change out of $150,000.

4. Marketing

This is definitely not my comfort zone. This is where the real magic happens. Getting your product to market is a very difficult process. You have got to figure how much to spend on marketing, how much to pay the agents, distributors, wholesalers and then the retailers. The more you spend, the more you sell. This is where the voodoo comes in. Any eejit can make it, it takes a genius to sell it.