Microwave hand warmers

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The Waveware Hand Warmer is beautifully designed and crafted from a super-soft coral fleece weave. An ideal snuggle buddy while you sit watching TV or simply to keep Jack Frost from nibbling at your fingers as you stroll to the shops.

Microwave Hand Warmers

There is an old saying: Cold hands, warm heart. Well now you can have both, whether cuddled up on the sofa or venturing out into the elements.  You can take these attractive Warmers with you wherever you go.  just 50 seconds in the microwave and the warmer is deliciously toasty.

Heat, where and when it is needed.

Waveware Hand Warmers now comes with free elastic belt allowing to enjoy the comforting warmth where you want it.  This unique feature allows you to apply heat therapy to every part of your body.

The special silicone heat storing materials, ensures that you and your family are safe from burns and scalds or any fire risk.  The Hand Warmers can be used time after time with no change in properties

Why not bring a little warmth into the home of someone special this fall!

Advantages of Microwave Hand Warmers


– Warm hands at the touch of a button

– Uniform heat where and when it is needed

– Provides pain relief for troublesome joints

– Pocket can be used for warming cold hands and toes

– Super-soft coral fleece weave

– Add your favorite aromatherapy oil to the silicone heatcell

– Washable soft plush lining

– Supplied with an elastic belt for easy placement

– No hot steam

– Not prone to tears, bursts or spills

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