Microwave Browning Dish - 30 cm

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This 30cm Microwave Browning Dish is the perfect way to crisp up pizzas, tarts, focaccia, and more. Its unique design and size is designed to heat food evenly and quickly, giving you perfect results every time. Enjoy delicious recipes with crispy edges, all made in the comfort of your own microwave.

One of the reasons people are often disappointed with microwave cooking is unappetising soggy bases and crusts.  The Microwave Crisping Dish provides the perfect solution to this problem.   As the food approached cooking temperature, the hot Crisping Dish sears and crisps the surface to give conventional oven results from the microwave.


How the Microwave Browning Dish works

By focusing energy on the underside of the dish, your food is fried on the base to give that crust we all love.  The outer layer is perfectly browned for maximum satisfaction. It’s not rocket science: it’s just science.

This heavy duty dish is designed to beautifully crisp and brown anything you care to place in it. Pizza slices, wedges, fries, chicken tenders and bacon.

Healthy tasty snacks

Capable of cooking everything from frozen convenience foods (such as oven chips, nuggets or breaded
fish) to home made pastries, pies and tarts. Now you can produce tasty burgers, toasted sandwiches, fish
fingers, waffles with significantly reduced amounts of cooking fat used in traditional cooking. The microwave Crisping Dish is excellent for late night snacks, or quick family meals

Warm your pizza, crisp your bacon and cook your precious chicken tendies ’till they taste just like your favourite takeaway.

Ideal for school kids

It is also an ideal accessory for those hectic times when the kids come in from school. Now you can give them a tasty snack to keep them going to dinner
time. Mini Pizza, Chicken nuggets, Chicken burgers, pancakes all can be produced in a fraction of the time and with no extra cooking fat.

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