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Introducing a great new innovation from Waveware. Our latest innovation not only extends the life of your oven by protecting it from splashes and deposits of food residue but it also diverts microwave energy to the under side of the dish. This extra energy generates a hot crisping surface to better sear the food and give us the nice crispy crust we all know and love.


How the Microwave Crisper Pan works

If you’re wondering how the science behind the microwave crisper pan, it’s all about diverting energy to the underside of the dish. The more energy diverted, the hotter the base and the crispier the food.  That’s how you crisp your bacon and warm your tendies in record time.  It cooks food evenly, finishing it with a delicious crispness that adds just the right amount of crunch.

The crisping dish is a very healthy option.  Now you can produce perfect burritos, toasted sandwiches, fish fingers, waffles – all with little or no fat.  It is also an ideal accessory for those hectic times when the kids come in from school.  Now you can prepare a tasty snack in 10 minutes

Better Crisping

Due to its unique construction and efficient material selection, the Deepdish Crisper gives the best results of any crisper on the market.  You can even do subsequent batches without a preheat.  Ideal for oven chips, chicken nuggets, potato wedges etc..

We won’t be beaten on price

At £12.45 the Deepdish Crisper is the most competitive product on the market.  If you can find a cheaper one we will match it!

Not just Microwave

The Deepdish crisper can be used in a convection oven up to 240C.  This makes it ideal as a baking dish for Quiche, Fishpie, Chicken and Leek Pies, etc.  It can also be used as an 8” Cake Dish and is perfect shape for use as an Apple/Pinapple Upsidedown cake or baked cheesecakes.

Super Safe Silicone Edge Trim

The Deepdish Crisper now comes with a Silicone Edge trim which prevents contact with the walls of the oven.  Sparks and arcing are now a thing of the past.

Microwave Crisper Pan means fried food from the microwave with zero added fat

Crunchy chips? Crispy bacon? Chicken tenders? All your favourite foods, cooked like they’re straight out the oven but warmed in a fraction of the time by your microwave. When it comes to microwave browning and giving your food that authentic home-cooked texture, no other microwave accessory comes close

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