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Our flagship product whose ancestors were designed by Waveware in the 70s (yes, that’s how long we are around) and now the industry standard for microwave steaming.

This all-in-one Microwave Vegetable Steamer is just a little different; combining four microwave essentials  the Rack, Tray, Domed cover and presentation Bamboo Basket. The ideal starter set for any budding microwave chef, the Microwave Vegetable Steamer can also be used for all kinds of meat and poultry. A very different product featuring high performance engineering materials and supplied with a number of useful accessories – adjustable divider for your standard meat’n’veg, bamboo basket for collection and presentation of your vegetable medley.

Vegetable cooking times

The microwave steamer has everything you need.  Comprising of a Rack, Tray, Dome Cover, adjustable divider, Bamboo Basket and our latest innovation – a transparent Saverin insert for even, uniform cooking of stews and casseroles, cakes and soups.

The Micro-Rack.  Raises food from the Tray to allow all-round microwave penetration and separate the water  – an essential component of the microwave steamer

The Tray is used in conjunction with the rack to provide for water collection and to collect fats and juices when used as a casserole or roasting dish.

Dome Cover. Use on its own as a useful mixing bowl, plate cover or splash guard.  Inverted, the Domed Cover makes a generous casserole (using the tray as a lid) or handy mixing bowl.  Excellent for pasta, rice or leafy vegetables

The adjustable divider allows you to add 3 different vegetables sequentially or separate your meat and 2 veg..

Free 16 page Recipe book

We have added a Bamboo Basket for easy handling and it also makes an attractive table top presentation.

Our latest innovation is the transparent Saverin insert.  This insert transforms the microwave steamer and provides the perfect microwave cooking shape.  This ‘Annular’ presentation of the food ensures uniform microwave distribution and removes the need for frequent stirring.  Ideal for Rice and Pasta and  perfect for denser mixtures such as Tomato Bread or Savory Mince Slices with Pepper Sauce (aka Meat Loaf).

Dimensions – External Diameter 28cm / 11″, Height 195cm / 7.5″.   Please check your oven as this may be too tall for the smaller compact ovens.

 Waveware Cookbook

Mikrowellen Handbuch

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